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Planning & Advertising

MPS builds strategies that deliver measurable results for our clients by reaching and engaging their intended target audiences.
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Spider Digital - Our team of Digital Experts

The ever-changing terrain requires a constant focus on the latest digital opportunities in paid media platforms. We continuously look for new ways to get your ads in front of the right audiences.

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Traditional Services

Because of our ample time working in the media space, we have developed longstanding expertise in traditional media that includes knowledge of the markets, relationships with vendor/partner reps, knowledge that allows for better negotiation, knowing the right questions to ask, and the ability to evaluate media opportunities and sort out the ones that make sense and align with campaign objectives.

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What our clients have to say...
MPS Client Research Survey 2022

"Working with MPS makes us feel confident in our media buying decisions. We know they are always looking out for our best interests and providing strategies to help us meet our goals."

"These folks just get it - your goals, your timeframe, your needs - and they work on your projects like they are their own."

"MPS is a valued part of my team that I quite literally couldn't do without! I rely on them for advertising plans and placement in the traditional and digital realms, ideas, advice on changing trends, and more."

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